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Call or email us, Grant's Farm Nursery, a Wholesale Nursery with Hollywood FL customers who are large, popular retailers, strategically located garden centers, professional garden designers and landscapers, interior designers, and plant brokers. We ship our stunning Bromeliad plants throughout the USA.

Our well-organized Wholesale Nursery with Hollywood FL bulk buyers who are loyal to us, will go the extra mile to facilitate you. Whether you are a new customer or a returning customer, we will give you our undivided attention, every time. We efficiently supply Bromeliads, wherever you are in the U.S.A. We, the Grant family, delight in the professional planting and cultivating of a range of Bromeliads. We are ready to serve you well! Call us, now!

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Here is a fact: 'Bromeliads are native to South America'. But you do not need to go there to get them! We can supply you with healthy Bromeliads, in bulk! They can grow on tree trunks and are decorative when hung from the overhanging branches of trees. These exotic tropical flowering plants, are available from our Wholesale Nursery in Hollywood FL. Simply call or email us to order! Bromeliads are greatly and mired for their striking colors, ranging from maroon, to orange, to gold, and even neon-looking shades of yellow!

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The original Grant Family farmed successfully in the 1920's, in the USA. In 1959, we established one of the largest tropical plant retail nurseries in South Florida. We operated it until the late 80's. We later entered the Bromeliad business exclusively, with the establishment of a Wholesale Nursery for Hollywood FL buyers, and shipments to in states of the USA.

We are exceedingly proud of our Wholesale Nursery for Hollywood FL and the surrounding areas, located at our sprawling 22 acre Davie, South Florida, located farm. We have been here since 1991. We are a leading Bromeliad Wholesale Nursery with high ratings for Grade A Bromeliads and attentive customer service.

Here is a list of our Beautiful Tropical Bromeliad Plants available...

We, the Grant Family, welcome your interest in Wholesale Bromeliads. We are thrilled that you have chosen us as your special supplier of stunning Bromeliads! Call or email us for a full price list and inventory of our Bromeliads.

As a passionate traditional farming family, we actively maintain one of South Florida’s largest and most successful firms, our Wholesale Nursery for Palm Beach Bromeliad sales.

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Wholesale Nursery Hollywood FL

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Grant's Farm Nursery is located in South Florida and ships Wholesale tropical Bromeliad plants throughout the USA.