Landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale

We bulk-supply those who landscape using Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale, with a range of stunning Bromeliads, grown by us, here at Grant's Farm Nursery. We supply in bulk only. Our main clients include: landscapers, interior designers, plant brokers and large retail garden centers.

We remind tropical plant bulk-buyers that Bromeliads are easy to grow, manage and maintain. You will have no problem selling on our attractive Bromeliads and our unique cross-bred Bromeliads. We are avid cross-breeders! Did you know that there are, in the world today, over 3,000 species of Bromeliads and thousands of hybrids. Let us supply you with ideal landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale!

Grower and Supplier of Beautiful Landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale

If you are asked, as a professional garden designer doing large projects, to landscape with Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale, call us and discuss your bulk needs. The striking visual spectacle of masses of very colorful Bromeliads planted in large blocks can be awe inspiring! Just think that Bromeliads used to be owned only by the rich and famous! Today, Bromeliads are available to all! We maintain low prices!

Landscapers Landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale

Grant's Farm Nursery expends tremendous energy and resources to ensure that those who professionally landscape with Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale can be supplied with a range of healthy Bromeliads, including our cross-bred Bromeliads.

Our wholesale Bromeliads farm ships our attractive, healthy Bromeliad plants to you, wherever you are in the USA. Florida based professional garden designers, who landscape with Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale, or in other areas, can rely on us too.

Here is a list of our Beautiful Tropical Bromeliad Plants available...

We, the Grant Family, welcome your interest in Wholesale Bromeliads. We are thrilled that you have found us, as your special supplier of Bromeliads! Call or email us for a full price list and inventory of our beautiful Bromeliads.

As a passionate traditional farming family, we actively maintain one of South Florida’s largest and most successful Landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale Nurseries.

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Landscape Bromeliads in Fort Lauderdale

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Grant's Farm Nursery is located in South Florida and ships Wholesale tropical Bromeliad plants throughout the USA.